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Air Space Coordination Training is a Two Tiered Operations - CCT

GALLANT KNIGHTS,  Airspace Coordination Training is a Two Tiered Operations.




We can respond as required, setting up a safe Secure Zone training environment complete with the entire infrastructure necessary  in high and low threat situations.


Gallant Knights will mobilize our clients personnel are secure in the field of training in real time combat zones. There is not an option, we can customize Air Combat Control training courses to fit your specific requirements and deliver instruction at your own site, and at a pace that matches the abilities of our clients.


Our hands-on, elite instructor-led training adapts to your surroundings to establish a safe, effective, and culturally responsive training environment conducive to student learning and performance.

Gallant Knights enhance readiness through sustainable train the Private Security Company Gallant Knights, trainer programs focused on customer-specific objectives. All the curriculum offered in our U.S. can be established, and delivered at, our clients’ locations worldwide.

Airspace Coordination Training Two Tiered:

       Strategic Airspace

• Area of Operation

• Theater Communication and Control

• Airspace Control Measures

• Kill Box

• Phase lines etc.

• Strategic Goals

• Long Term

• Airspace Authorities (if more than one, coincides with control measures)


Tactical Airspace

• Air Tasking Order

• Aircraft Common Load-out

• Troop’s to Task

• Tactical Communication and Control

• Airspace Control Measures

• Restricted Operations Zone

• Stack Control

• Combined Fires TTP’s

• Tactical Objectives

• Short Term Strategic Airspace and C2 Feeds the Tactical Problem with air and fires assets.

This can be applied to both Fires and Air Mobility




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