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Elite Security


At Gallant Knights, we are dedicated mission support, risk management as we our providing top-notch elite training
& security services for our clients expectations.

"Do Everything You Ask of Those You Command"

Elite Special Forces Clandestine & 

Kinetic Operations' experienced professionals understand the importance of being vigilant and reliable in every situation, no matter the scale of the mission or complexity of the Task.


Extra Hard in Training can Save Lives!


Our tailored approach ensures that your unique security: Strategic planning and mappingvigilance, whether you require event security, executive protection,

or tailored to our clients needs security consulting services.

Contact us today,

to learn more how our private training and security services.



Our Side Hustle Since 2003



Saving the lives of exploited young men, women, and children.



               By assembling a world-class team to support national counter-trafficking efforts. Mitigating these vulnerabilities reduce exposure to human-trafficking organization.

"Human trafficking is a serious and complex issue that violates the basic human rights of individuals. It poses a threat to global health and contributes to the growth of organized crime and terrorism worldwide. It's crucial that we work together combat this multidimensional threat."

Our technical expertise rests in being able to assess operating vulnerabilities, and provide rapid deployment against any threat.      

We have over 20 years of combined experience in the private security industry, GALLANT KNIGHTS, LLC is a trusted name when it comes to keeping you and your loved ones safe. We offer a wide range of customized security solutions designed to fit your unique requirements, including physical protection, threat assessment and intelligence, and executive protection. We employ the latest technology and techniques to keep you secure in any situation.


Headquarters (HQ)


Operational hours:


  • Monday – Friday:

  • 0800 – 20:00 EST 

  •  Leave a message we will return your call promptly.

          On Call  24:00 Hours Saturday & Sunday


International Clients Calls Only:

    Via Signal  App  +1 (772)-278-6220

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