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We provide an extremely accurate full vertical spectrum

Our methodology of Warfighters T-1, and augment in T-2 teams. Sea, Land and Air Special operations Strategies. 

Tactics Training for the Following: Law Enforcement (HRT), and Military units in the European Union, and other Allies around the globe and N.A.T.O. Countries training by our elite Special Operation training division. 

                 Elite Special Forces Qualified (Q)            

Our core elite, team's:

T-1, operational staff is made up

of experienced CAG, Special

Operations Cells, and engineers,

Air Support Special Operations,

and Special human intelligence, with elite an accurate targeting technology, and intelligence analysts. 


They comprise staff with specialized backgrounds in intelligence analysts and special operations medical teams. Our technical expertise rests in being able to assess client operating vulnerabilities and provide rapid deployment against any threat.


We provide integrated training, security, mission support, & risk management services to corporate, worldwide governments, per-deployment training for natural disasters support and training assistance (Florida, U.S. Military in Europe, U.S. Military USA), & non-for-profit clients. 


We customized solutions through the integration of core seventeen competencies, corporation, U.S. Government, quasi-government agencies, clients' contractual agreements.  

  • Threat Vulnerability Assessments (TVAs)

  • Special Operations Training (Law Enforcement & Military only)

  • Specialize custom Special Operation training program's

  • Strategic planning

  • Tier 1, Sea and Land, Strategies, Planning, and Management

  • Air Operations Management, and Air Special Operations Support

  • Tactical Operations Strategies, Policies, and Planning

  • Tactical Weapons Training

  • Risk Management

  • Strategic Tactics & Special Operations   ​

  • Intelligence & HUMINT Intelligence Operations

  • Elite Executive Protection Security Details (we provide too High Wealth—Med Clients)

  • High-Med Risk Security Operations

  • Crisis Management

  • Logistical Strategy Planning​

  • ​​​We Deliver results-oriented strategies. 

  • High-med Threat Human Trafficking (Sex and Labor of Children) Training Protocol

GK provides security details for personnel in high-mid threat environments and matches formations with real-time Humint Intelligence and risk threat assessments. Our approach to enterprise security enables organizations to mitigate risks more effectively. 

GK provides advisors and instructors for international, federal, state, and HRT law enforcement agency awareness training. Our training programs meet the requirements of most global enterprises and challenges. Surveillance, offensive and defensive driving, hostage survival, and weapon handling skills are also a part of our training curriculum.


We design learning experiences to support simulation-based and virtual training applications that reinforce and test capabilities within a real-world scenario, replicating an operational environment and task. This training stimulates critical thinking, elicits visceral responses and fully immerses trainees into a realistic, engaging training scenario.


With a dedicated curriculum-division course curriculums available, we offer a wide array of specialized concentrations and training programs. Every training requirement we fulfill is different, and GK works closely with our clients to understand their objectives and develop solutions that accommodate their force structure, capabilities, equipment, and budget.

WHY:  Saving the lives of exploited young women and children (young men too).

HOW:  By disrupting the Illicit Trafficking Trade, and one of the greatest threats is human and (sex) Trafficking trade of minors. We assembled a world-class team to support national counter-trafficking efforts by filling critical gaps between HRT and military frameworks.


GK will service our four practice areas by assessing client operating vulnerabilities and providing rapid evaluation application of the necessary remedies. 

Mitigating these vulnerabilities reduces exposure to human-trafficking organizations.  Human trafficking is a multidimensional threat, depriving people of their human rights and freedoms, risking global health, promoting social breakdown, inhibiting development by depriving countries of their human capital, and helping fuel the growth of organized crime and funding terrorism worldwide.







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