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Christopher “Dutch” Moyer

Special Advisor

GK’s Chairman & Executive Board 

​Christopher “Dutch” Moyer is the principal of Consulting, and an expert strategist specializing in defense, training product operations and business development consulting, drawing from his 31 years of military experience in U.S. Special Operations.  Foremost his company is offering lessons in Pistol, Rifle, CQB, K9, Leadership training and consulting programs. Also of note, Dutch previously worked with Diamondback Tactical Body Armor and Tactical Gear Company as lead Special Operations liaison and design chief. Many of the products he developed have taken over the targeted market, significantly reduced client costs related to R&D and strategic planning.

DCM Consulting previously trained the U.S. Air force STTS pipeline in Marksmanship and CQB as well the K9 Program


Manager for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). Other prior DCM customers:

  •    Department of State as a mobile and static security SME

  •    Kuwaiti MOI on marksmanship/CQB/K9

  •    KSA on an 8-week Operator/K9 Handler course

  •    Independent Contractor teaching Law Enforcement Pistol/Rifle

          and Close Quarter Battle


He honorably retired and served in the U.S. Army Special Operations as Sergeant Major (SMG) / Task Force Liaison Officer / Team Leader/K9 Handler/Operator Team Member served in the United States Army 26 of which were Special Operations Command including 14 years in SFOD-D.


Christopher joined the U.S. Army in 1981 as an Armor Crewman and took a temporary break in 1986 and stayed affiliated with 19th Special Forces Group. Returned to active duty status in 1991 entered directly into Infantry, 1st /75th Ranger Battalion and to various higher levels as Infantryman / Team Leader / Squad Leader / Platoon Sergeant and other jobs in the Unites States Army Special Operations Command.

Dutch’s extensive military career makes him an invaluable member to Gallant Knights Chairman / Chief Executive Officer and this company.

Highlights of His military background are as follows:

  • Planned and conducted small unit tactics in support of Unconventional Warfare, Special Reconnaissance, and Foreign Internal Defense and Direct-Action missions.  

  • Participated in over 1000 of successful combat assaults in classified and unclassified missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • Trained and participated in training Task Force partners (FBI HRT/Ranger Regiment/SAS/SASR/KSK/FSK/JTF2/U.S. Border Patrol) to include indigenous forces of Columbia, Thailand, Egypt, Iraq, and Kuwait, Domestic Federal LE, United Kingdom, Australian, Canadian, New Zealander, German and Norwegian K9 Forces.

  • Tracked command training and operational readiness, along with safety oversight, and identify-capture-document / report all equipment performance shortfalls.


During Christopher service to the United States, he was awarded the highest of honors due to his Leadership and Valor.


  • Badge, Expert Infantryman’s Badge

  • Legion of Merit

  • Bronze Star Medal (x5)

  • Joint Service Commendation Medal with Valor Device

  • Army Commendation Medal with Valor Device

  • Defense Meritorious Service Medal

  • Meritorious Service Medal (x2)

  • Iraqi Campaign Medal with 4 Campaign Stars

  • Afghanistan Campaign Medal with Arrowhead


Training and Certifications:


  • Proficient in Pistol/Rifle/SAW MG/M240 MG/Carl Gustav AT gun and many various makes and models of small arms (to include foreign weapons) and crew served weapons.

  • Schools: U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy, Infantryman Basic and Advanced Noncommissioned Officer School

  • (NCO), Jungle Operators Course, Military Free fall Parachutist, Pathfinder, Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape

  • (SERE) High Risk (Level C), Jumpmaster, Ranger, Airborne, Infantryman, Amor Crewman.

  • Jungle Operations Warfare, Advanced Land Navigation, Sniper, SOT, Combat Lifesaver, Canine Handler, Canine Decoy, ITI, Survival Systems

  • Instruction, 4-Wheel Drive School, Skip Barber Racing School, O’Neil Rally School

  • Decorations: Egyptian Parachutist Badge, German Parachutist Badge, Royal Thai Parachutist Badge, Pathfinder Badge,

  • Ranger Tab, Parachutist Badge, Free Fall Parachutist Badge, Driver's Badge w/T designator, Combat Infantryman’s



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