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We're extremely accurate!

Who better than Gallant Knights as your advisor to assist, train, and protect your assets?


Would you want anyone else?

With Gallant Knights, you won’t need anyone else. We’re a Tier 1 elite special operations group, guarding your back from minor or major dangers. 

Battle-ready, with 45+ years in real-world experiences, having handled.

High-mid threat operations, we’ve got the situational awareness you need to successfully complete your special operation missions.

Gallant Knights offers you a wide range of secure and effective solutions that will help you operate at peak efficiency, no matter where you’re located in the world.


What do we do?

          Tactical Combat Casualty Care

HUMINT Defense & Analysis

Security Services & Risk Management

Focused Training in HUMINT

Airborne Intelligence & Support

          Surveillance Services

Weapons Tactical Training 


Ready to take out the next step?

Take the first step to assess your situation and determine the best security-related solution to your grievances.


Reach out to us

If you are interested in elite training, or contracting our elite team, submit your request to with a cover letter.


​​​​Tier 1 Private Security Services, Intelligence, Defense, Risk Consulting Firm

​A Wyoming Limited Liability Company Since 2010.

Copyrights 2010-2023. Gallant Knights, LLC.  All Rights Reserved
Gallant Knights, LLC Proprietary Information.

Headquarters (HQ)

  • Location: Florida, With offsite locations in Nevada, & Wyoming

Operational hours

  • +1 571.455.9763

  • Monday - Friday:

  • 0900 - 1700 EST

  • Saturday & Sunday

  • On Call +1 571.455.9763

​​​​Tier 1 Private Security Services, Intelligence, Defense, Risk Consulting Firm


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