Gallant Knights will service our four practice areas by assessing client operating vulnerabilities and providing rapid evaluation application of the necessary remedies. 

Gallant Knights organization is structured to achieve its corporate and client services objectives with a highly experienced, organization dedicated to structured, program management, with tactical and operational experience, bounded by strong financial and administrative process controls. 

  1. Delivers capability to the user's expeditiously

  2. Exploits have proven elite techniques and methodologies

  3. Maintain former elite Warfighters involved throughout the process

  4. Takes risk and manages it

GK develops effective risk management solutions and provides training and human intelligence gathering services, for both Government, and non-Government clients domestically, and internationally.


We can then establish useful skills and tactics for regional, and local law enforcement and military through its country team director’s training programs.


The procedure for the Host Nation is as follows.   


The most important attribute that GK demonstrates is ensuring that clients' and nations’ operations are successful.  It is crucial to develop cordial and fruitful training relationships with the minister of interior, minister of defense, and minister of intelligence.

  • Corporate  and  Military  Executive Management

  • Asset  Protection  Management  and  Support Deployment (maritime, ground, and  air)  Management

  • Hostage  Rescue  &  Negotiations  Management

  • Counter-Illicit,  Human Trafficking  & Smuggling  Management

  • Tactical  and  Strategic  Development  Management

  • Budgetary  Management

  • Managed  and  Implementation  of Budget Programs

  • Program  Management

  • Special  Operations Management

  • Asset  Protection  Management  and Support  Deployment  (maritime, air, and ground)  Management


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