Core Competencies

Quick win training and personnel & assets protection in the U.S.A or overseas.

             Identify infrastructure, cyber vulnerabilities & mitigate risk.


            Counter-kidnapping, negotiations & elite rescue response teams.


            Existing trafficking ratlines and personalities threaten assets and people.

       Navigating international political risks.

            Booting public relations to the oil & gas industry (Maritime & land training).


            The U.S. Department of Homeland Security / State Department INL C-Illicit                             Anti-Terrorist Act & training of host nation law enforcement.

            Joint ventures with U.S. Defense companies in the Middle East.

            N.A.T.O. host nations training to counter and disrupt illicit trafficking and C-terrorism.

  • Corporate and Military Executive Management

  • Operating World-Wide Operations

  • Maritime Security (SEAL, SWCC, DELTA, SOC-SPEC) Instructors and Active

  • Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE)

  • Asset Protection Management and Support Deployment (maritime, ground, and air)

  • Hostage Rescue & Negotiations

  • Counter-Illicit, Human Trafficking & Smuggling

  • Tactical and Strategic Devolvement Management

  • Parachuting High Risk (HALO Only Mission Essential)

  • HUMINT and Intelligence Assimulation

  • Budgetary Multi-Million Dollar budgets

  • Managed and Implementation of Budget Programs

  • Program Management

  • Combat Arms- Experts Lite to Heavy Weapons

  • Triple Critical Care Course

  • Special Operations

  • PSYOPS Psychological Operations

  • Asset Protection Management and Support Deployment (maritime, air, and ground)

  • Law Enforcement Training

  • Counter-Terrorism/ Counterinsurgency Warfare

  • Reconnaissance and Intelligence Surveillance

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