Executive Protection

GALLANT KNIGHTS understands executive risk, vulnerabilities, and how to modify behavior to enhance security. Threats and incidents can occur in many forms, including extortion, kidnapping, or bodily harm. These events can transpire within the organization, at home, or during international travel.

GALLANT KNIGHTS trains executives on how to avoid dangerous situations during the course of their routine life, schedule, and travel. We inform, educate, and train an executive to minimize the opportunity to be victimized by enhancing their security awareness and environment. From security assessment and site surveys to mission planning and motorcade movements. We deliver protection to suit the executive and their families requirements. Our protection details provide a discreet, low-profile alternative; fulfilling security objectives with minimal imposition on the client in high-risk areas. 

GALLANT KNIGHTS highly recommends a full scope approach to exact protection, which includes awareness training for the entire extended family.

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