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International Government Affairs

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GALLANT KNIGHTS assists global corporations in designing and implementing international governmental business development affairs strategies and tactics to achieve positive policy change, increase the corporate profile, and meet business goals.


Gallant Knights work throughout Central and Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Central and South America, Scandinavia, the Baltics, and the Balkans.


Our advisors work with U.S. DoS INL, DoD, NATO and the EU. International government corporations, providing political analysis, identifying key public and private decision-makers, and offering practical engagement and investment strategies to improve market share.

GALLANT KNIGHTS professionals have represented many nations, political and cultural
organizations, and political leaders in their engagements with the United States and the
European Union to achieve key foreign policy goals. Most recently, our advisors worked with several countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Latvia, Georgia, and The Baltics) to design and implement strategies for successful Business, Security, Defense, Migration, and other Security measures.


As foreign and government affairs specialists, the leaders of Gallant Knights have guided political and government leaders to navigate and finesse many of the challenges and obstacles to achieving their foreign policy goals. Being at the center of the decision-making, we assist clients to work with the political and policy framework that determines where programmatic monies will be allocated thereby helping companies to successfully and safely enter and become corporate leaders in these emerging markets.

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