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He is a senior leader of large, builder of valuable relationships and influencer of senior-level stakeholders, and audacious change-maker building adaptable solutions to complex issues with more than 20 years’ experience gained as a military veteran of the United States Air Force.  Highly trained and proficient in operational planning, risk mitigation, global logistics, crisis response, covert & secure communications.


His squadron comprises four elite special tactics' operator career fields to include combat controllers, pararescue jumpers, tactical air control party and special operations weather team specialists.


He provided technical expertise and mission-critical assistance to special tactics warriors; the unit also includes personnel from 18 combat mission support Air Force Specialty Codes. Security Clearance - US Air Force Retied. The 724th operations organize, train and equip special tactics forces for worldwide deployment.

"The members of the 26 STS want to train with Cannon's aircraft and personnel and then eventually deploy to complete special operations missions together.  After expressing his confidence in Colonel ability to effectively lead the squadron and his desire to increase the bond between special tactics and Cannon assets, Buller activated the squadron and placed Jensen in command.  


The colonel founded elite 200-person Special Ops team—concept to deployment; beat timeline by 12 months, 30% under budget. Championed digital transformation initiative; saved 1000+ man-hours/month through ML-enabled data management. He built 1st-ever Special Ops offensive cyber team! Cleared regulatory hurdles, 100% funding, hired 15 cyber-geniuses.  US Foreign Policy: briefed National Security Council, averted certain disaster, presented successful strategy. Developed National War College curriculum: authored monograph on Private Military Contractors—now core reading. Mr. J established Design Thinking Community at Naval Postgraduate School; studied, adapted, and applied Stanford Design School and IDEO, Inc ideation methodologies to military problems.  Now is a fully accredited master’s degree program. 


Commander & Founder, 26th Special Tactics Squadron built elite Special Ops unit from concept to deployment; beat timelines by 12 months, 30% under budget. Special Operations Frontline Leader, Washington, Florida, Asia, Africa, Europe, South America. The Colonel Led Special Operations on four continents.  He integrated drones and secure data links in austere, combat environments; called 1st airstrikes using cutting edge tech.  United States Air Force, Deputy Commander, 724th Special Tactics Group, Fort Bragg, NC; Chief of global operations at the US Air Force’s most elite Special Operations Unit.  Security, HR, Budget, Logistics Strategic Planner, “CHECKMATE” think-tank, Pentagon, DC power!  Incisive counter-point analysis direct to Secretary of Defense & White House. 


Gathered first-hand data from highly classified sources around the world, synthesized and presented executive-level reports.  The Colonel  is a Private Pilot, advanced military combat instructor, HALO freefall instructor, marksman, SCUBA, Ju Jitsu, survival instructor, off-road and high-speed evasive driving, urban field crew, personal/physical/cyber-security, drone operations, escape & evasion, trauma care.  Education: Master of Science: Strategy; National War College – Washington, DC Master of Science: Operations and Finance; Naval Postgraduate School – Monterey, CA Master of Business Administration: Finance; Tuoro University – Santa Monica, CA Bachelor of Science: Business Management; United States Air Force Academy – Colorado Springs, CO Bachelor of Science: Legal Studies; United States Air Force Academy.


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