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Gallant Knights is a unique enterprise 2T business valiant company


We take pride in our work and organization, always act with integrity, comply with company policies and ethics, honor the confidentiality of clients and promote the constructive image of the organization through all our actions.

Gallant Knight’s structure permits our international clients the accomplishment of their corporate goals. Our offers consist of four core pillars, designed to breathe life into your strategies.

Our team comprises the most talented and competent C-level management personnel, with hands-on experience and a perfectly suited skillset that allows them to execute valuable actions within the dynamic and demanding security services environment.

We streamline coordination between our clients’ administrative and clandestine operational activities as a global mission support service provider. With our expeditionary capabilities, we provide services in austere and high-threat locations thanks to our Elite Special Operations Operators, who work alongside T-2, Special Operations Forces and HRT Professionals to deliver the best results.

Highly experienced team; Efficient program management services, Strategic and tactical knowledge. Proficient security personnel Integrity, quality, compliance, rigorous training standards, flawless execution; these are all the values each of our team members embody.


Our dedication to building a company on these principles has brought us to where we stand today— as ready as ever to successfully accomplish the mission.



GALLANT KNIGHTS aims to immediately add value by assessing our clients’ operational vulnerabilities, rapidly integrating sustainable solutions.



GALLANT KNIGHTS executes the valiant mission of dismantling illicit sex and human traffic as well as terrorist networks and other nefarious criminal activities. Jointly, we systematically dismantle trafficking networks while constructing a complete framework to rescue and protect victims of this trade.

Headquarters (HQ)

  • Location: Florida, With offsite locations in 

  • Nevada, & Wyoming

Operational hours

  • +1 571.455.9763

  • Monday – Friday:

  • 0900–1700 EST

  • Saturday & Sunday

  • On Call +1 571.455.9763

​​​​Tier 1 Private Security Services, Intelligence, Defense, Risk Consulting Firm

​A Wyoming Limited Liability Company Since 2010.

Copyrights 2010-2023. Gallant Knights, LLC.  All Rights Reserved
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