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Nathan WIlson Recieved RED WING OPERATIO


​​Nathan White-Wilson

Sole Proprietor/Chairman/CEO 

He is the founder of Gallant Knights.

He is an accomplished and versatile executive with 24+ years of experience.






He Serviced Honorable in the U.S. Air Force, Highly Decorated while in service to the United States Air Force.

His working knowledge in U.S. Congress, as an advisor to the U.S. Senate and House of Representative on national policy, military operations, international business, European and Middle East affairs, national security, diplomacy, strategic planning, terrorism, business development, human intelligence (HUMINT), leadership, conflict resolution, and overseeing special projects. His experience as a political consultant, and adviser at the federal, state, and local levels enables him to be a successful advocate in Washington, D.C. for awareness of illicit and Human trafficking.


His working knowledge in leadership, conflict resolution, and overseeing special projects. Adviser to the Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, and the U.S. Senate 6 years As advisory roll to U.S. Senator's Samuel Brownback to include members of the House of Representative, during the 43rd Presidency, Bush Administration. During his 12 years in Washington D.C. He has built strong relationships with government, businesses, and leaders throughout the European Theatre, Balkans, Baltic states, Republic of Croatia and Georgia, Eastern, and Southern Europe, Ukraine, Central America, and the Middle East.   


His experience as a political consultant, and adviser to the U.S. Senate leaders, as well as to federal, state, and local levels enables him to be a successful advocate in Washington, D.C. for awareness of illicit and Human trafficking.

During Nathans's was the responsible for re-engineering, tactical air to ground operations for the Air Force, 4th ASOC with the U.S. Army 5th & 7th Corp commands in Europe. Aa Security Specialistand crossed trained into ACMI, Air and Ground Defense strategies, and tactics operations, Non-Commissioned Officer (NCOIC) and augmented as Officer in Charge (OIC) in a unique project. He was awarded the highest Citation of the Air Force Commendation Medal, due to his re-engineer Tactical Training instruction for the 4th Air Support Operations Centre in Europe. Additional Training Areas. NCOIC of Air Freight, Field Deployment of Tactical Air combat maneuvers, and Air Support Operations (4th ASOC), NCOIC-Field Operation Deployment, and Tactical Training Courses. NCOIC Drivers Accidents and Licensing and Training Vehicle Operations, NCOIC Field Deployment and Security operations.

During his years in the U.S. Air Force, he was selected as a Security Specialist with his training in Airbase Ground Defenses.  Directly, after Security Specialist training, he then sent to the U.S. Army Training Center, Camp Bullis, Texas for heavy weapons training, and strategic and tactical training courses. His first assignment in Germany at Buechel Air Base the mission to authenticate two system Entry control authority for clearance of German pilots.  His first assigned inEurope one year remote, in Buchel Verbandsgemeinde, in the Cochem-Zell Mosel district in Germany in the protection of special weapons Protection of Special Weapons secured on German Fighter aircraft, and secure controller and security team protection of the flight line TAB V's and storage area.  

After is 2 years in service Non-Commission Officer in Charge (NCOIC) for contract and was trained in 601 St. ACMI, N.A.T.O., Sardinia, Italy—Tactical Air combat maneuvers operations base.  Then to Germany 2 years he was attached to Air Support Operations (4th ASOC), Tactical Vehicle Operations, Field Operation Controller, rapid staging, strategies, tactical operations and deployment and Training Courses. Furthermore, he was awarded the Air Force Achievement Metal within his first of two years of active duty. His first medal was awarded from the 50 TFW, Hahn AFB, in Germany.

Red Wing Operation—Nathan in 2014 assisting on an overseas situation in the middle east with the Executive Director of Red Wing Ops Northup Grumman. Patrick T. Toohey, 32 + yrs. U.S.N. Seal Captain. On the most honorable and brilliant strategist.  I have had the pleasure to have as a friend, who brought me though many valuable lessons in life. He was my personal advisor for 14+ years. One of the Greatest Men I have ever meet, Bar-none!

The recipient, named Nathan D. Wilson, was selected as a Lifetime Member of Strathmore's Who's Who.  Acceptance is granted on the Member's Leadership, Achievement, and Dedication in his profession or industry. Founder and CEO of a non for-profit organization Project Meridian Foundation, which after 12 years was formed into Gallant Knights LLC, Nathan’s efforts in countering human trafficking and strategies.  He single-handedly in three years recused 2,058 children and assisted in the take-down of 3,197 domestic and international traffickers, and other bad actors in coordination as a concerned citizen, he led international, federal law enforcement, and intelligence agencies.  His findings on the connection between Human trafficking and the funding of terrorists. He meets with Mr. Carlucci, about his findings. Mr. Frank C. Carlucci III, Carlyle Group Chairman Emeritus personal adviser to Nathan, years 2003-2016. 


Mr. Carlucci requested the Rand Corporation to verify Mr. Wilson's findings. In re: the Human/sex trafficking of children being sold, servitude, sex trade, and the removal of children's organs for sale on the black market. Gave the enemy abilities to purchase weapons and other illicit contraband in and through Europe, the Middle East, and the Asian Pacific. ​​

Furthermore, he has built a strong reputation for results for a wide range of stakeholders at the international level governments, businesses, and political leaders throughout Central Europe Balkans, Baltic States, Croatia, Ukraine, Georgia, Eastern, and Southern Europe, and the Middle East. He executes plans and achieves objectives utilizing diplomatic solutions while providing oversight for effective tactical through strategic implementation. After he arrived back at the U.S.A. from serving the USAF Signed up, completed the Course on Emergency Technician Course. He then volunteered as an EMT-C 0m the rescue squad.  Which led him to the next step. He served 10 years as a medical professional.


Started at working in the Emergency room triage, he assisted head Surgeon of Kimball Medical Center. He relocated to Richmond, Virginia.  He joined Hematology and Oncology Associates of Virginia as a Medical Technologist, for seven years.

Nathan from the age of 12 – 16 years was awarded Brown Belt in Aikido; in 2005-2007 Taekwondo. His Activities: Rugby 🏉 Wing Fly-half, Soccer, Tennis, Golfing, Hiking, Mountain climbing, and Water sports.



University of Virginia – Miller Center Public Policies Political History Governance challenges. 

​Landmark Worldwide Forum—Advance Course, and Degree in Leadership, Communication Management, Field of Study Advance Leadership, Communication, Management, Field of Study, Communication Management Activities and Societies, Advance Course Public Speaking.

​Community College of the Air Force; Security Specialists, and Airbase Ground Defense tactics, and strategies; crossed trained in Vehicle Operations. 




As an Airmen First Class A1C, training courses at U.S. Army Training Center, Camp Bullis, Heavy weapons, strategic and tactical training courses.

Virginia Commonwealth University—Business and Photograph

​​​​Tier 1 Private Security Services, Intelligence, Defense, Risk Consulting Firm

​A Wyoming Limited Liability Company Since 2010.

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