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National and International Risk and Crisis Training & Management

GALLANT KNIGHTS is a strategic business firm, providing private-sector corporations with unparalleled and tested knowledge, experience, and leadership in all-hazards risk assessment, management; enterprise-level strategic and operational security planning; private sector operations and business planning; risk-based performance measurement; Federal security regulatory compliance and implementation; public-private sector information sharing and enterprise architecture development;

and corporate headquarters and facility-level incident management, training, and exercises.

A combination of crisis events, political corruption, government unrest, and criminal opportunism has created a dangerous international environment for many individuals and organizations.


Corporations today face security threats against their financial welfare and, in some cases, the physical well-being of their personnel. With the potential for kidnappings, extortion, and organized criminal activity in many parts of the world; it is imperative for individuals, government, and corporations to make effective security solutions a priority.

GALLANT KNIGHTS consultative capabilities serve a wide array of federal, state, and local level needs and requirements for critical infrastructure protection strategy, analysis, and risk-based prioritization; national infrastructure protection planning and programs (NIPP); providing technical assistance in the parliamentary and regulatory statutory framework for NIPP policy.


Furthermore, the team supports private-sector corporations and non-governmental organizations with infrastructure protection and resiliency planning. Team members have led international and national incident management planning, training, and exercises on behalf of the U.S. government, including various national level homeland security and defense programs, since the 1980s.


Our services are tailored for each client, and our performance and professionalism are consistent worldwide.

We believe that accurate, timely information is an essential component of any risk management program. Our insight and analysis advisory services integrate strategically understanding with local and ground-truth knowledge, enabling effective decision-making for our clients in relation to existing operations or future investments.


Our insight and analysis team draws on a large network of resources to deliver social, economic, political, and security intelligence to our clients through bespoke reporting services. Adapted to answer our clients’ specific questions or information requirements, we deliver our reporting as a single insight paper or as part of an ongoing subscription-based service.


Our current subscription based services include daily, weekly, and monthly geographic reports and specific subject matter experts reports including aviation security, maritime security, and kidnap for ransom insights delivered through our web portal, hard copy, or analyst-led verbal briefings. Following includes:

  • Security threat assessments

  • Geographical risk analysis & reporting

  • Kidnap for ransom analysis & reporting

  • Special assignments

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