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Patrick Malvaso

Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Executive Director of the Board


Patrick Malvaso is a dynamic leader with an excellent network of resources readies to support

him, Patrick builds confidence in the people that he’s associated with and exudes organizational

skills that draw new people into the activities that he’s responsible for. 

Patrick holds the Department of State’s Superior Honor Award, Bronze Star, Defense Intelligence Agency Director’s Award,

Department Of Defense Inspector General’s Award, the Air Force annual Equal Opportunity Award, and numerous other medals/ribbons/awards. 

Mr. Malvaso as a retired Air Force Colonel, Patrick served as the Senior Executive Officer to the Director of U.S. Military

Operations on the Joint Staff, under both Admiral Crowe and General Powell, managing the office covering war, terrorism,

                                                            crisis management, space, electronic warfare, special/ nuclear/strategic operations and the management of the National Military Command


Center.​  Mr. Malvaso is an expert financial leader who developed and directed the Department of Defense (DOD) systems for

standardization and consolidation of travel payments (8.8 million claims annually), disbursing (more than $400 billion

each year), and accounts receivable (400,000 accounts/$2.5 billion).                           


Patrick served as the DOD member on the U.S. Treasury team that re engineered the federal government payment process.

He built Operation Mongoose, using information technology to increase internal controls and deter fraud for the DOD

payment process, initially saving DOD over $150 million. ​


Mr. Malvaso as Key Leader, Defense Intelligence Agency, and Senior Intelligence Analyst represented the Intelligence

Community (IC) on Federal Government Steering Groups for Air, Land and Sea Domain, and the National Signature

Program. As Assistant Inspector General, in the IC, Patrick worked closely with CIA, NSA, and Special Access Programs,

ensuring the integrity and independence of the 13,000 intelligence collectors, analysts, and support staff located in 150

countries and the U.S.​


During the Freedom of Kuwait, evacuation of Somali and Liberia Embassies, Patrick was the Joint Staff’s Senior Military

Representative to the Department of State Operations Center.  


​Mr.  Malvaso initiated and achieved the effort to expand a Catholic grammar school from 400 students to over 700 and

completely restore the 1880 built church building through a bi-centennial celebration for 13,000 people and a $2.1 million

fundraising effort, where he provided the needed leadership and organizational skills.


Mr. Malvaso has testified before U.S. Senate Committees and House Representatives was assigned by Congress worked as a

member of N.A.T.O. in Italy, been a consultant to corporate leaders, served on the Board of Directors for Credit Unions, and

is a Board Member for an IT company, a Cancer Foundation, and an African Foundation, where he mentors elected officials,

priests, bishops, and a Cardinal.


​Mr. Malvaso is a graduate of Harvard University’s International Senior Executive Fellows Program and received LeMoyne

College’s annual Professional Achievement Award.  


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