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Clandestine World of Special Warfare Fighters Training 

   Our Training Instructors will take you

   to your limits the

    Greatest Elite Teams of Special Forces

                                                                           Can you make the grade? 


                                     We Develop the Elite Bring your BEST Game Face & Join Us Today; and             Qualify Independent Contractors Special Operations Forces Operators: Be A Teammate!


   Come Get Some Real Training!

                                            We our the Elite in Training: 

              U.S. Veteran Independent Contractors, Retied, Active Duty, College, NFL, NBA, BASEBALL, SOCCER, RUBGY 


Certified Former Elite Special Forces Tier 1, Operators must complete

the highest level of Qualifications Standards,

and Tier2 Special Operation Operator's Qualifications Military,

Intelligence Agency, and

HRT Federal Law Enforcement Only.

All Mission Essential Operators Take to your Limits!

Take the challenge, we’ll test your mental and physical limits off to

maintain excellent quality.


Applicants must be Medically Cleared by M.D., prior to their Physical

Fitness training exam: Before Pre-employment, potential contractor and employees must be cleared by a Certified Medical Doctor, and or a sports Physician.

Physical Fitness Elites Qualified 

​Former T1 & T2 Special Teams Operators,

Intelligence field Agent's operators',

and Federal Law Enforcement (HRT).


Standards' Male and Female:

(Physical Fitness & Evaluations


Minimal (MIN A) Efforts to Qualify: 

500-Yard Breaststroke or Side Stroke

in a Pool or Ocean Swim in minutes. 

Times to Qualify: 12:30 Bronze

Elite 10:00 Go Silver

Elite 9:30  GO GOLD

Push-Ups in two-minutes: 42;

Tier 2 75;

Elite 100

Sit-Ups in 2 minutes:

Tier2 - 79;

Elite 100 

Pull-Ups time limit: 12 

Run 1.5 Mile Run minutes:

Military 11:00; Tier1 & T2 10:20; Elite 9:30

500-Yard Breaststroke or Side Stroke in a Pool or

Ocean Swim in minutes 12:30

Tier 2 10:00;

Elite 9:30

Females' qualifier 

Pull-Ups 11; 25 

Push-Ups in two-minutes 42

; T-2 79;

Elite 100

Sit-ups in two-minutes 50;

T-2 79;

Elite 100

1.5-Mile Run in minutes 11:00; T2 10:20;

Elite 9:30

Weapons training skills verification.

Evaluate is conducted by GK range instructors on CQB,

Pistol and Rifle.

Candidate must qualify as an expert with Pistol and Rifle

within the past year.

Candidate who is qualified, must have up to date concealed

carry weapons permit is a plus.

Office Personnel Testing Required:

Non-Tactical employees, and (only exceptions for Service Disabled Veterans  i.e.: Support team, management, Administrative, and Government contracting personnel.


Headquarters (HQ)

Operational hours:

  • Monday – Friday:

  • 0800 – 20:00 EST 

  • 772.278.6220

  • Leave a message we will return your call promptly.

On Call  24:00 Hours Saturday & Sunday


International Clients Calls Only:

Via Signal  App  +1 (772)-278-6220

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