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Emotional Intelligence

Gallant Knights Provides EI Services:


Emotional Intelligence Training and Development Initiative STRATEGIC INITIATIVE: Integrate comprehensive and enduring Emotional Intelligence (EI) training and support for all organic and partnered training cadre and support personnel.


END STATE: Establish and sustain an emotionally intelligent and mentally resilient workforce whereby a foundation of individual emotional wellness in strengthened, collective burnout and turnover are mitigated, resource utilization efficiencies are generated, and operational effectiveness and agility are enhanced.


BACKGROUND: Emotional Intelligence (EI) is recognized as the ability to identify, assess, regulate, and manage emotional information from self and others then use that information to guide thoughts and actions to think constructively and act wisely in all situations as variables change in varying environments from moment to moment.


EI can be objectively measured and developed. EI is the human mechanism that allows us to authentically know oneself, manage oneself, know others and manage interpersonal relationships efficiently and effectively, and serves as an adjudicating factor between primordial emotional reaction and executive responsive functioning. EI plays a critical role in assessing the necessary skills, or competencies, that correlate with both individual performance outcomes and organizational effectiveness across a diverse cross-section of functioning bodies.


EI is associated with myriad individual performance outcomes that characterize high performing employees, transformational leaders, and resilient organizations.

For example, EI is positively linked to strategic forecasting and decision-making, effective leadership, self-motivation, strong coping and stress management skills, effective communication, conflict resolution, the ability to establish and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, and overall performance, hardiness, wellness, and resilience. Additionally, EI has shown to positively correlate with several organizational performance outcomes: improved leader-member exchange and team dynamics, workforce job satisfaction and job performance, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and effective change management initiatives.

Furthermore, as EI has shown to be a strong predictor of future performance, EI is considered to be an equal if not greater indicator of one’s personal and professional success. To note, it is emotional information that fundamentally influences every thought we have, every decision we make, and every action we take.

In turn, the ability to identify, assess, regulate, and manage emotional information from self, others, and the world around us to influence an optimal outcome becomes a vital component of the training doctrine for all training cadre and support personnel tasked with executing agile mission sets in a hi op-tempo, volatile, uncertain, chaotic, ambiguous, and multicultural environment.

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