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Security with Honor and Courage 


GALLANT KNIGHTS provides training and support efforts looking for new and optimum technologies to support private, military, or law enforcement operations in the U.S. and abroad.


GALLANT KNIGHTS elite special air operation specialists work in the low, medium, and high-threat environments as trained; UAS (Drone) technology with ISR, surveillance, and counter-surveillance techniques in  a classroom and exercise environment for corporate clients.


The project foresees organization of a training on counterterrorism and combatting cross border crime against children in and from UKRAINE.


The main objective of the project is to develop and upgrade the necessary skills and capacity of current military and future law enforcement officers to react in high-risk situations and counter-act organized crime groups and terrorism.



  • UAV: Strike drones

  • Reconnaissance drones

  • Jamming drones

  • EMP drones; Swarms would be the best solution

  • Drone boats


Air, Sea and Ground Support Drone Operations Training and Support Technology

​GALLANT KNIGHTS provide proven solutions to our drone ISR military-grade technologies and other technology needs by presenting integrated solutions from our mission partners with security, and sustainability in mind. 

GALLANT KNIGHTS realizes that effective, efficient, reliable technologies are only a springboard to success when properly used.


We assist in the requirements, training design, and testing phases, bringing real-world experience to the process of our personnel who have been “boots on the ground” around the world.



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