Robb Patterson owns and operates an aerospace & defense consulting business, contracting with Special Tactics Solutions Inc. (STS Inc.) a partner with Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) as program director responsible for the operation and web development of the Department of Defense’s only air centric source origin database for Assault Zone Survey and Operations.

He also leads the STS Inc.’s effort in international training and business development for North American Treaty Organizations (NATO) Special Forces Assault Zone operations capability, working with Royal Australian Air Force, Canadian Special Forces, Royal Dutch Air Force, Denmark’s Jaegers forces. Prior to partnering with STS Inc. and Sandia National Laboratories, he served as the lead program manager for the 724th Special Operation Group Combat Development Directorate/ Air Operations. He was responsible for implementing, budgeting, and source selection for rabid development and transition of emerging technologies toward air operations in permissive and non-permissive environments. This expedited the process from concept, prototyping, operational test, procurement, and fielding. Shortening the time to field operational technologies from three years to under six months.

The majority of his career in the Air Force was as an Assault Team Combat Controller. This extremely unique position honed his expertise in all aspects of Tactical, Strategic, and Global projection of airlift and air power. Planning, executing and operating large airheads and mission support sites in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq, Afghanistan, and North Africa. He has 20+ combat deployments totaling over 6 years overseas, practicing the art and science of the integration of airpower in a Combined/ Joint environment directly working for the National Command Authority.

Patterson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technologies Administration and Networking from DeVry University. He retires from the Air Force with an Associates' degree in AIrfield management, and qualified as, Free Fall and Static Line ParachuteJump Master, Certifier Instructor for Joint Tactical Air COntroller 100+ personnel trained combat mission-ready. Certified Combat Diver (Draeger & Dry suit qualified), Rescue Diver, FAA-certified Air Traffic Controller. Robb carries a Single Engine Land private pilot’s license.

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