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Protecting You and Your Assets with Integrity

GALLANT KNIGHTS is capable of supporting the U.S. and foreign government humanitarian agencies, as well as, supporting non-government aid organizations.

We can respond as required, setting up a safe Secure Zone environment complete with the entire infrastructure necessary to initiate humanitarian assistance in high and low threat situations. If traveling to one of our facilities is not an option, we can customize training courses to fit your specific requirements and deliver instruction at your own site, and at a pace that matches the abilities of our clients.


Our hands-on, instructor-led training adapts to your surroundings to establish a safe, effective, and culturally responsive training environment conducive to student learning and performance. Gallant Knights enhance readiness through sustainable train the Private Security Company Gallant Knights, trainer programs focused on customer-specific objectives. All the curriculum offered at our U.S. facilities can be established, and delivered at, our clients’ locations worldwide.

Our Teams go Mobile teams and Embedded trainers & mentors.

We also work in natural and other humanitarian crises in the U.S. Border States north and south, as well as with FEMA in Florida, US Force in Europe,  U.S. Allies and N.A.T.O  training and assistance.




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