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Training Course and Programs


​GALLANT KNIGHTS provides elite advisors and subject matter expert instructors for international, federal, state, and local law enforcement agency awareness of human trafficking.


Our tier 1, training programs meet the requirements of most global enterprises and challenges. Surveillance, offensive and defensive driving, counterinsurgency, recon, hostage survival, and rescue and weapon handling skills are also a part of our training curriculum.

Our highest quality instructors and robust programs of instruction enable us to quickly implement and sustain training programs of any scale in any environment.

​We design learning experiences to support simulation-based and virtual training applications that reinforce and test capabilities within a real-world scenario, replicating an operational environment and task. This training stimulates critical thinking, elicits visceral responses, and fully immerses trainees into a realistic, engaging training scenario.

Our staff, Independent contractors, and clients learn the vital skills needed to make smart
decisions in complex situations. We offer a range of facilities that accommodate scenario-based training, including kill house, urban operation scenario facilities, explosive ranges, driving tracks; M-5 Fire teams, Firearm Training, vehicle simulators, and more. From capacity building and leadership development to counter-terrorism and force protection training, we create innovative, technology-driven instructional design systems and curriculum based on the latest theories and trends in each client’s area of expertise.


With a dedicated curriculum -division course curriculum available, we offer a wide array of specialized concentrations and training programs. Every training requirement we fulfill is different, so Gallant Knights work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and develop solutions that accommodate their force structure, capabilities, equipment, and budget. 

In the field of Operations.

Things happen quickly in a firefight, and even the best technology can't always keep up with the changing battlefield environment. That's why the sniper's reconnaissance skills and ability to relay intelligent information to the commander are crucial. 

Advance and enhance your tactical skills with a combination of classroom instruction, scenario-based exercises, and practical applications.

The following includes:

  • Air Support Operations

  • How to rescue, Human Trafficking Victims, Children

  • Maritime security

  • Speed rappelling

  • Boarding and approach marine craft

  • Parachute Jumping Med-High Risk

  • Combat hand to hand

  • Escape and evade (SERE)

  • Field medical expedience

  • High-risk live fire

  • Firearms & marksmanship

  • Counter-terrorism / Counter-insurgency

  • Border Security

  • Force protection

  • High-threat executive awareness training

  • Pre-raid deployment

  • Basic & advance driver

  • Off-road driver

  • Basic & advanced executive protection (Basic for clients only)

  • High-threat protection

  • Special weapons & tactics training for SOF and Law Enforcement

  • Military operations on urban terrain (MOUT)

  • Explosive detection

  • Peacekeeping & policing missions

  • HUMINT, Intelligence & Analysis

  • Comm system training

  • Law Enforcement Training

  • Tactical Training Programs 

  • Reconnaissance and overwatch techniques (overwatch is the force multiplier “Sniper”)

  • Risk Management Insider Cyber Threat, Business, or Corporation Vulnerabilities

  • Pre-Planning Risk Assessments Travel or Corporate

  • Customized courses

Gallant Knights offers the right training to make sure our clients are always prepared. We develop and conduct comprehensive training programs for government agencies, law enforcement organizations, military units, first responders, and multinational corporations.


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