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Protecting You
and Integrity

Welcome to GALLANT KNIGHTS trains reaction forces in the principles of movement and use of force in high-low threat environments.


Quick Reaction forces are trained to move on foot or in armored vehicles, providing additional firepower, immediate recovery, or evacuation assistance when necessary. Reaction forces are typically located on base camps for a fixed site or convoy protection, or included in personnel security detachments with an elite counter-assault team.

GALLANT KNIGHTS, LLC - the go-to private security services company for all your risk assessment and consulting needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing quality risk management and consulting services that match our clients' unique requirements and challenges. Our consultants bring extensive experience from the law enforcement and military fields, allowing us to provide comprehensive risk assessments and provide actionable recommendations. We understand the importance of security and the peace of mind it brings to our clients. Let us help you maintain a secure environment tailored to your unique requirements.

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