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Gallant Knight's culture 

methodology is 

team collaboration.

We have dedicated of experience to our teams at every level of success, quality, compliance, rigorous training standards, and flawless execution.

Gallant Knights have continuous opportunities available for mature, experienced professionals who truly want to be aligned with a quality enterprise providing exceptional service. 

Gallant Knights recognized are team family, we maintain the same mindset, preform in the highest standards of strong values, concepts, and methodology, if you are looking for a challenging field of operations within our value system where teamwork and collaboration, are encouraged, excellence is rewarded and diversity is respected, and valued. We've shared attitudes, values, history, traditions, beliefs, and practices that exist within the Gallant Knights teammates. 

Translation into the civilian world. Look no further.

The Gallant Knight's environment teammates and work within the same operations. You will be with transition with your elite brothers' and sister's. Still carrying the torch to protect and defend those who can't defend themselves. 

Ready to take the next step?


Reach out for more information.

Only the most qualified applicants will be considered, former U.S. Military personal.

Headquarters (HQ)


Operational hours:


  • Monday – Friday:

  • 0800 – 20:00 EST 

  • 772.278.6220  Leave a message we will return your call promptly.

          On Call  24:00 Hours Saturday & Sunday


International Clients Calls Only:

    Via Signal  App  +1 (772)-278-6220

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