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Leadership Management Team

                                                      Leadership Management Team

Gallant Knights, ​characterized by our leadership, staff, and operators, shared attitudes, values, history, traditions, beliefs, and practices that exist within the GK organization. In addition, Gallant Knight's leadership management, and military experience, elite operators, operate by the values, and of our decision makers. Whom our former leaders continue to influence and inspire.
Gallant Knights have assembled the most talented, and competent C-level, and SME Special Operations management team possible, with hands-on experience, and skills perfectly suited and structured for executing within the dynamic and demanding security services environment.


Our Leadership is vetted and maintain security clearances.


Due to the security risk. 

Gallant Knights Sr. Leadership, Upper Management, and team members are not all listed.  

Gallant Knights, Chief of Staff U.S. Army, Command Sergeant Major, SFOD-D18 - 26 years (Ret.)


PARA Jumper CH_edited.jpg

Chief Operations Officer

Special Operations Col. AF

Chief Financial Officer

DIA Officer



Vice President

Strategic Tactics &

75th RRC Special Operations


Vice President

​ Tactics, Policy & Strategy

Vice President

Combat Controller Tactical E-8

Air Support & Tactical Operations

Furthermore, Gallant Knights assembled a world-class team to support, and train domestic, and international, efforts by filling critical gaps between military and law-enforcement frameworks. 

Our Subject Matter Expert Advisor's

U.S. Army, General 37 years, (Ret.)

U. S. Air Force, Brigadier General (O-7), Strategic Air Special Operations (Ret.)

U. S. Navy Captain (O-6) SEAL, 32 years., Executive President Northrup Grumman, Red Wing Operations (Ret.)

U.S. Air Force Intelligence Officer: Colonel (O-6), and Attorney Active Bar (Ret.)

U.S.A.F. CMSGT Pararescue E-9 (Ret.)

Delta Force / CAG MSGT E-9 (Ret.)

CAG Sergeant First Class, Combat Medic (Ret.)

U.S. Air Force, Colonel Counterintelligence and Analysis (Ret.)

U.S.M.C. Lt. Colonel, Intelligence Officer, and Special Operations (Ret.)

U.S. Operations Officer, Central Intelligence Agency 32 years (Ret.)

U.S. Secret Service, Director of the Presidential Detail (Ret.)

Delta Force / CAG MSGT E-8 (Ret.)

CAG (Delta) Sergeant First Class, Combat Medic (Ret.)

U.S.N. SEAL, SMCPO (E-9) (Ret.)

U.S.M.C. MARSOC, Gunnery SGT E-7) (Ret.)

Sinclair Stockton, CIO and Chief Scientist British Telecom (Ret. 2009)

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, Former President of Croatia, Assistant Deputy Secretary General of NATO. 

Military Veteran's Federal Law Enforcement (CERT and IG) ​​


Headquarters (HQ)

  • Location: Florida, With offsite locations in Arizona, Nevada, & Wyoming

  • 424 Falcon Ave.

  • P.O. Box 254081

  • Patrick Space Force Base

  • Florida 32925 USA

Operational hours

  • +1 571.455.9763

  • Monday – Friday:

  • 0900 – 1700 EST

  • Saturday & Sunday

  • On Call +1 571.455.9763

​​​​Tier 1 Private Security Services, Intelligence, Defense, Risk Consulting Firm

​A Wyoming Limited Liability Company Since 2010.

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Gallant Knights, LLC Proprietary Information.
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