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Risk Management
and Analysis

“Our approach to enterprise security enables organizations to mitigate risks more effectively”

Every training requirement we fulfill is different, so Gallant Knights will work closely with our clients to understand their objectives, develop solutions, and situational awareness that accommodates their structure, capabilities, equipment, and budget. Regardless of the mission, training must be meaningful, sustainable, and effective.


We have created concepts that are recognized today as credible, competent, and a global benchmark for the protection of critical organizational assets. Gallant Knights’ risk assessment management and vulnerabilities evaluations ensure all standards and compliance requirements are met.

Mission and Task Risk strategic plans and procedures provide the essential details to ensure standards are clearly defined, guaranteeing overall performance effectiveness. We routinely update the current training program for Gallant Knights personnel and contractors to incorporate best practices, and lessons learned from real-world events. 

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We will protect your most valuable assets! Keep your family, domestic or international assets safe with Gallant Knights. We operate wherever duty takes us – on sea and land, and in the air.

Keep your loved ones safe.

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  • We are Available to provide you with Elite Executive Protection Details 

  • Anti-Terrorism Force Protection

  • High Threat Protective Operations

  • Risk Management and Planning

  • Comprehensive Data Center Security Design

  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

  • Comprehensive Readiness and Preparedness

  • Readiness and Regulatory Compliance

  • Assessment Technology

  • Integrating Physical Security

  • Security Plan and Operating Procedures

  • Contingency Response Plan and Procedures

  • Defined Operational and Performance Standards

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  • Location: Florida, With offsite locations in Nevada, & Wyoming

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