Risk Management
and Analysis

Enabling your mission success while reducing uncertainty

Increasingly, the United States government and private sector operate in foreign and dangerous environments due to globalization. In these environments, it is a priceless commodity for personnel to have a perception of security and for employers to reinforce that perception with crisis management standards that ensure threats are deterred, detected, and defeated in a professional and discreet manner.

Satisfying important facets of this obligation, GK offers an unrivaled hybrid of specialized services by combining the disciplines of security and risk management with an unequalled special operations and intelligence perspective. GK’s services enable our clients to heighten business practice standards, while mitigating risks and reducing uncertainty.

GK provides Global Security and Risk Management services in the following areas:

  • Anti-Terrorism Force Protection

  • High Threat Protective Operations

  • Executive Protection

  • Risk Management and Planning

  • Comprehensive Data Center Security Design

  • Functional Operational Areas:

  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment 

  • Comprehensive Readiness and Preparedness 

  • Readiness and Regulatory Compliance

  • Assessments Technologies

  • Integrating Physical Security

  • Security Plan and operating Procedures

  • Contingency Response Plan and Procedures 

  • Defined Operational & Performance Standards 


We have completed the work, investing in creating concepts that are recognized today as credible, competent, and a global benchmark for the protection of critical assets are the key to the organization's structure. GK risk assessment management and vulnerabilities evaluations, we train, ensure all standards and requirements compliance are met.
Our strategic plans and procedure provide the essential details to ensures standards are clearly defined and overall performance effectiveness.  We maintained the current training program for GK personnel and contractors with routinely updated to incorporate best practices, and lessons learned from real-world events.  

Training & Protective Risk Management Services'
GK is singularly equipped to properly assess the threat environment that forms the foundation of your security protection program. Insider-Threat / Threat Assessment Prevention Plan (e.g., red flags) and personnel training.

Risk Management solutions integrate critical key elements into our Security Operations plan to ensure the purpose of security is continuously maintained, so the vulnerabilities are reduced.
  • Security Planning and operating procedures.
  • Contingency Response Planning and procedure.
  • Defined Operational & Performance Standards. 

Continuous Improvement Program.

Functional Operational Areas:
Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
Comprehensive Readiness and Preparedness
Readiness and Regulatory
Compliance Assessments
Technologies Integrating Physical Security

GK is ANSI ASIS PSC 1.1-2016 certified. PSC.1 is the internationally recognized Management System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations. GK is a member in good standing of the International Code of Conduct Association.

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