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What can we offer? Elite Training solutions give you the complete advantage.


Recognized for its challenging content, rewarding results, and exceptional instructors.

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Border Security & Migration / Human Trafficking  

Anti-Human Trafficking / Sex and Labor Trafficking Training


National and International Risk, and Crisis Training and Management

Anti-Terrorism and Quick Reaction Team Training (QRT)

Airspace Coordination Training—Two Tiers

Offense and Defensive UAV, UAS Technology

Supporting U.S. and Foreign

International Government Affairs

National and International Risk

Risk Assessment

Information and Mapping Gathering

Analysis and Planning

Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance

Pre-incident Training

Training Courses and Programs

Travel Security

Site Ground Defense Force Training and Management

Physical Security Risk Assessment

Personnel Security in High-Threat Environments

Elite Executive Protection Details

Research and Development 


Emotional Intelligence Courses

Elite Instructors, Supporting U.S. and Foreign. In Advance and enhance your tactical skills with a combination of classroom instruction, field scenario-based exercises, and practical applications.


GALLANT KNIGHTS bridges the gap between technical and physical security by effectively managing projects as the integrator of choice. 


Our approach to enterprise security enables organizations to mitigate risks more effectively.  Using best practices for adult learning, we design professional, academic-level curriculum; deliver dynamic classroom presentations; and create hyperrealistic scenario-based exercises.  The results are equally effective for military special operations forces, global business travelers, and corporate staff.


We design learning experiences to support field operation training, simulation-based, and virtual training applications that reinforce. And test capabilities within a real-world scenario, replicating an operational environment, and task. This training stimulates critical thinking, elicits visceral responses, and fully immerses trainees in a realistic, engaging training scenario.


Every training requirement we fulfill is different, so that Gallant Knights will work closely with our clients to understand their objectives, and develop solutions, and situational awareness, that accommodates their force structure, capabilities, equipment, and budget. Regardless of the mission, training must be meaningful, sustainable, and effective.


Additional Courses, and Operational Abilities


  • Trauma Care Field Expedience Training

  • Special Forces Qualification (Q) Course Training

  • Maritime Security Details, and Training Ops

  • Situational Awareness Training Ops

  • Rescue Operations Red Teams

  • Speed Repelling

  • Boarding and approach Marine craft

  • Parachute Jumping med – high risk

  • Hand-to-hand combat techniques

  • Escape and Evade – SERE

  • Field Medical Expedience

  • High-Risk Live Fire Training

  • Firearms & Marksmanship

  • Force Protection

  • High-Threat Executive Awareness Training

  • Pre-Rapid Deployment

  • Basic & Advanced Driver

  • Off-Road Driver

  • Basic & Advanced Executive Protection Training

  • High-Threat Protection Assessments & Security

  • Special Weapons & Tactics Training SOF; L.E.

  • Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT)

  • Explosive Detection

  • Peacekeeping, and Policing Missions

  • HUMINT, Intelligence & Analysis

  • Communications Systems Training (SATCOM and other methods)

  • Customized Courses



GALLANT KNIGHTS provides advisors and instructors for international, federal, state, and local law enforcement, military and Situational awareness training.


Our training programs meet the requirements of most global enterprises and challenges.  Surveillance, offensive, and defensive driving, hostage survival, and weapon handling skills are also a part of our training curriculum. We deploy low risk M-5 to M-7 high threat regions International Fire team's trainers.

Our staff and independent contractors, and clients, learn the vital skills needed to make smart decisions in complex situations.


We offer a range of facilities that accommodate scenario-based

training, Tactical Trauma Care, field expedience tactics and strategies, close-quarter tactical drills (kill house), urban operation scenario facilities, heavy weapons, hand-to-hand training, explosive ranges,   scuba diving, snipers, driving tactics, tactical vehicle, and including close quarter tactical drills (kill house), urban operation scenario facilities, explosive ranges, driving tracks; M-5 Fire teams, Firearm Training, vehicle and plus much more.


​From capacity building and leadership development to counterterrorism and force protection training, we create innovative, technology-driven instructional design systems and curriculums based on the latest theories and trends in each client’s area of expertise.


With dedicated curriculum-division course curriculums available, we offer a wide array of specialized concentrations and training programs.



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