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Humanitarian Disaster Management


Multi-faceted organizations face numerous risks when operating in diverse, complex environments often subject to threats and hazards such as elevated crime, weak rule of law, terrorism, pandemics, and natural disaster procedures (such as Business Development, war-torn areas, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, etc.). We provide integrated training, security, mission support, & risk management services to corporate, government, natural disasters (Florida, Georgia & Virgin Islands) & non-for-profit clients.  


We provide a wide range of consulting, risk management, personnel, and material support in response to humanitarian events worldwide. Using the international risk management standard ISO 31000 as our guide, we assist clients in quantifying risk; developing policies, processes, and procedures to evaluate and manage risk in addition to strengthening their organizational frameworks, management tools, training programs, and operating to include the following:        

  • Personnel Security recruiting and advisement training

  • Risk Management and support

  • Project Management

  • Communications support

  • Incident command support

  • Review or creation of post-disaster recovery plans

  • Rapid Crisis Deployment Teams

  • Mobility and logistics planning and evaluation of standing support plans

  • Establishment of crisis management centers in the event of a disaster

  • Disaster planning and evaluation of disaster plans

  • Rescue

  • Personnel augmentation in support of standing aide organizations

  • Counter-Illicit Trafficking awareness and protection training

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