Intelligence, Security Services, and Analysis

Gallant Knights will service our seven practice areas by assessing the recovery of terrorists, and illicit traffickers operating on vulnerabilities and providing rapid evaluation application of the necessary remedies.

Our subject matter experts (SMEs), and Elite Special Operation specialists guide you through your hardest problems in Intelligence, how to assess cyber or HUMINT Intelligence of criminal behavior operations, and to foil the intimate threat.

Quick win! Human Intelligence, the Psy-ops personnel & Analyst, are the greatest assets of protection in the USA, or overseas destinations. Human Behavior expert in crime and criminals: "the pioneering criminologist proposed a method for identifying criminals".

Asset Protection Management, and Support Deployment elite operators (maritime, ground, and air).


GK develops effective risk management solutions, and actively provides support tracking methods, training, and human intelligence gathering services, for both Government and non-Government, and University clients, domestically, and internationally. We provide intelligence and security services operations, operational, and tactical training, education, and program management.


Our intelligence professionals are infused with geographic functional awareness, with knowledge of current systems, processes, and relevant supporting tools to bring unparalleled capabilities, and expertise to apply to our customers' most urgent needs and requirements.

​​We provide this support across all branches of Military Commands, and the Intelligence communities. To include, international law enforcement communities', and inter-agency partners.  We apply our expertise in the following core intelligence disciplines, in an inquiry starting from a given threat to investigate or demonstrate a fact, result, or law to address the most challenging national security situation.





Corporate, and Military Executive Management, and Subject Matter Experts

HUMINT, and Intelligence Assimilation

All-Source, Open Source, GEOINT, SIGINT


Reconnaissance, and Intelligence Surveillance

Intelligence gathering, Technology, and Training

Operating World-Wide Operations

Hostage Rescue & Negotiations

Translation/Linguistic Support

Counter-Illicit, Human, and Sex Trafficking of minors

& Smuggling


Projected Management (PMP)

Special Air Intelligence Operations, and Drone Technology

PSY-OPS: Psychological Operations

Asset Protection Management, and Support Deployment (maritime, air, and ground)

Tactical and Strategic Development Management


Investigative Support


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